The Kasparov Chess Foundation Adriatic was established in January 2016 by one of the greatest chess players of all time – Garry Kasparov. Its mission is to promote chess as a cognitive learning tool in school curriculum and extracurricular activities in countries surrounded by the Adriatic sea. Also, a non-profit organization arranges and sponsors international youth tournaments.


Kasparov Chess Foundations are bringing chess closer to children and educational systems around the world:


Kasparov Chess Foundation

The Kasparov Chess Foundation was launched in New York City in 2002 with the purpose of bringing chess into the educational system in the USA and worldwide. Kasparov has long promoted the many benefits of chess for schoolchildren. Nowadays, KCF’s program is used in thousands of schools.


KCFEKasparov Chess Foundation Europe

Founded by World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov and Jan Callewaert, the mission of the Foundation is to bring the educational benefits of chess to children and youngsters throughout Europe. The Foundation promotes chess as a cognitive learning tool in school curriculum and extracurricular activities in primary and secondary/high schools as well as at the universities. KCFE provides schools with an unique web-based software that enables teachers to teach chess in the classroom and empower pupils to further learn and practice at home.

associations-3-196x128Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa

The Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa was officially launched in March 2012 as a public benefit organisation focusing on the promotion of chess as a tool for education and social development in both South Africa and the broader African continent.


asia1-196x128Kasparov Chess Foundation Asia & Pacific

Kasparov Chess Foundation Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd (KCFAP) was incorporated in Singapore and launched by Garry Kasparov on November 16th, 2013 at the Singapore Chess Federation Awards Night. The objective of KCFAP is to catalyse and promote the adoption of chess in education in the Asia-Pacific region.


iberoamerica-copy1-196x128Kasparov Chess Foundation Ibero America

Kasparov Chess Foundation Ibero-America, launched in April 2014, seeks to promote chess in schools throughout Central and South America. The foundation is currently developing the program called ‘Teaching Chess Step by Step’ and is present in several Ibero-American countries.