Garry Kasparov Simul



26. August at 19:00

Simul is played in the open on the Petar Preradovic street




Since 2012, with his attractive simuls, Garry Kasparov has been promoting
chess in Croatia, as well as the project “Chess in School”.

Instructors, chess clubs, and associations have recorded an increase of
registered young players by up to 25%.

These simuls were broadcasted live on the state television.

Simul in Pula was transmitted over the Internet.



Split 2012

Zagreb 2014

Pula 2015

Zagreb 2015

Zagreb 2016



City of Crikvenica

  Gradonačelnik Damir Rukavima - Majstor FIDE, Elo 2251 Mayor Damir Rukavima – FIDE Master, Elo 2251